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Between cultivated fields, in the heart of l'Empordà, is this pretty barrack. A place to let go. 

The barracas arose as small and simple buildings next to plots of land and orchards. Their  main function was and still is, to store the farming tools.  Soon they also became the  ideal place to spend summer evenings  with the family  and/or organize small meetings and meals with friends.

Being faithful to the origin of the barracas and their customs, we want to invite you to  that you enjoy sunsets and summer nights in the  our. You will eat products from their garden, drink wine from the territory and relax among fruit trees while listening to good music... 

What to do in "la Barraca"?


join one  of the  plans and dinners that we have organized throughout the summer


reserve it  exclusively and organizes  a sunset and/or dinner with your loved ones

1. The agenda of "the barracks"

All plans and dinners included in the agenda are in  dates  specific and must be booked in advance.  Reservations are for groups from 4 people.  The maximum capacity for any of the plans and dinners is 18  persons.

  • To determinate
    pals, 17256 Pals, Girona, Spain
    We understand traveling as one of the most enriching experiences that exist, and from each trip we remember those moments and feelings that we have lived more intensely.
  • To determinate
    La Bisbal del Ampurdán, La Bisbal del Ampurdán, Girona, Spain
    One of the clases why the commercialization of the tingui èxit route is to have a complete and attractive description. In this way I will manage to avoid questions and show that the routes that we offer make the difference and are unique. The photos will help a lot, but below I comment on various points
Ancla 1
Ancla 2

2. Organize your plan in "the barrack"

We propose different plans and dinner formats. get inspired  and tell us what you have in mind and  we will organize  your plan. groups  maximum of 18  persons.



Simply enjoy the surroundings while you are with your loved ones, as if you were at home. 


Live music

Animate your plan with live music.

Lavender Bouquet.jpg


Learn to make a beautiful bouquet with the surrounding flowers, or simply to prepare a good rice. 

Eggplant prepare

Dinners prepared by our local chef

Summer recipes inspired by the territory and made with 100% local products.

VIU - Visit Mas Geli2.JPG


Travel through the territory through the palate. Local wines and cheeses explained by their producers. 


special celebrations

To celebrate an anniversary or a gathering of friends. Enjoy an intimate and pleasant space.  

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